Social Media Management for evian

July and August have been spent, among other things, helping to establish a new social media presence for global water brand evian.

Following the success of their award-winning Rollerbabies ad campaign, evian continued the baby theme with the new Baby Inside campaign featuring these super neat baby tees (you can get one at Alongside the evian brand team at MKG, I worked off this concept to build a supportive Facebook and Twitter presence to integrate into their upcoming 2012 ad campaigns, ad buys, and events. To be honest, the brand made it pretty easy by already having such a loyal following and strong brand recognition.

Are you surprised to know that an established brand with YEARS of global recognition still didn't have a Twitter account until this summer? This is why I love social media: It's so new that there are still a million innovations to be made and a million new large clients to work with!

Fun Fact: evian, which was founded in the 1700s, has been using babies in their ad campaigns for years. Check out this baby-themed evian ad campaign from 1954.

Email Campaign Designs for Shoe Market & Mini Mini Market

Martina Fugazzotto Shoe Market

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Blogging for

NameCandyI've had a lot of fun blogging twice a week for, the pop-culture name blog that supports the super innovative Baby Name Wizard tool. When I started writing for this site, I was amazed at how often the topic of names was in the news. Read some of my blog posts about how Hurricane Names affect naming trends, Elizabeth Taylor's baby name choices, maiden names worth $500,000, and the naming of the Bronx Zoo Cobra.

And you really need to check out the Baby Name Wizard. This is the popularity of my name since the beginning of the US Census naming records:


Social Media Management

I've been working with creative marketing group RJW Collective as a Social Media Manager for some fun brands that are interested in leveraging social media to build a culture around their products. Here are some of the projects I've been a part of with the team at RJW.

Lacoste-live Keri-glassman

Lacoste L!VE

Keri Glassman Nutritious Life


Gramercy Park Hotel

Katie Lee Home

Blogging for Brands

I'm currently a regular contributor to a few blogs, writing weekly pieces while I hang out with my laptop in coffee shops buying something ever 45 minutes to justify my table space. Yes, that's right: I'm a twenty-first century professional blogger. And I love it.

Blogging as a profession consists of copywriting, image sourcing, CMS production, and SEO skills. Keep up with my work:

Gramercy Park Hotel blog

Lacoste L!VE blog

NameCandy baby names blog

Free Blogging Platforms as Professional Websites: New Site for Jeffrey Novick


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